Getting Started- Class Overview


We are so thankful that you are teaching the Give, Save & Spend- Teen Video Series. The Lord has used the principles you are about to teach to help and encourage teenagers from every walk of life.

Let's get started by looking at the layout of the Teacher's Guide.

There are six lessons that accompany this study and each lesson has the flexibility to be done in a time frame of 40 minutes to 75 minutes. We encourage lessons to be done on a weekly basis. Each lesson in the Teacher's Workbook has three components:

1. Teacher's Agenda

The Teacher's Agenda is a recommended agenda for teaching each week's lesson. We have left time frames out to give you the flexibility to conduct the class in your allotted time. It includes the following:

1. Open the class in prayer.

2. Let's Review (except for Lesson 1).

3. Video & Discussion section- the videos can be adjusted to be full screen and each video is 2-4 minutes long. There are 1-3 discussion questions following each video.

4. In class and/or homework assignments.

5. Take prayer requests and close in prayer.

2. Class Presentation Mode

For each lesson, there is a section to be used for in-class presentations. It includes the following:

1. Let's Review Section (for lessons 2-6).

This is used to briefly review the previous lesson and ask students what their action steps from the previous lesson are.

2. Classroom Video & Discussion Questions

These are the teaching videos and discussion questions. There are several videos for each lesson. Each video is followed by 1-3 discussion questions related to the topic of the video. Please discuss the questions after each video.

3. Explanation of Homework or In-Class Assignments

These are assignments for students to do on their own. This can be done after the group discussion in class, as a homework assignment, or both. The assignments include the following:

Dig Deeper- Bible study assignment- usually 13-20 questions.

Let's Get Practical- practical applications to apply what students are learning.

Memory Verses- verse (or verses) for students to memorize for that lesson.

Definitions- financial terms for students to learn for that lesson.

Take Action- gives students an opportunity to think about how they will tangibly apply what they learned from the lesson.

Jungle Crossing- an online quiz/game to reinforce what students are learning.

3. Student Workbook- Answer Key

These sections are designed for you to see what the students will be working on for their individual assignments. It has the same assignments, downloads, links, etc. that students will be using in their student workbooks.

These sections also have the questions (and answers) to the homework that students complete on their own in the DIg Deeper section (section 2 of each lesson).

These sections include, for your reference, the actual student assignments for:

Section 2- Dig Deeper

Section 3- Let's Get Practical

Section 4- Memory Verses

Section 5- Definitions

Section 6- Action Steps

Section 7- Jungle Crossing (Online Quiz Game)

Additional Information:

Grading Students

This class has been designed to give you the flexibility to choose how you want to grade students. Below are several options you can use to review or grade a student's progress.

1. Have students turn in the following "Let's Get Practical" Assignments:

Weekly Assignment- Updated 30-Day Diary

Lesson 1- The Deed

Lesson 5- Build a Resume

Lesson 6- Financial Goals Worksheet

2. Review student's workbooks. You can do this by having access to their workbook passwords. This would include:

Dig Deeper Sections (review student answers)

"Let's Get Practical" Calculator Scenarios (Lesson 4)

Questions asked in the "Let's Get Practical" sections

3. Final Exam- you can download the provided final exam (exam to be given approximately one week after Lesson 6). The exam includes memory verses, definitions, and questions from the Jungle Crossing game. It can be filled out electronically or written out by hand.

*Please remind students to save the exam to their device before entering data if they will be filling it out electronically.

Download the Give, Save & Spend Exam here.

Download the Answer Key for the Give, Save & Spend Exam.

Student Certificates

If you would like to honor the students in your class who have successfully completed the course, you can download the Student Certificate of Completion. These can be filled out electronically and can be given to students who have faithfully completed the Give, Save & Spend- Teen Video Series.

Practical Applications

The practical applications for this study use Adobe Reader. They are electronic and interactive. If you would like to use these forms to their fullest extent, you (and students) will need to have the latest version of Adobe on your computer or the Adobe Reader App for your mobile device.

Download Adobe Reader for your computer

Download the Adobe Reader App for your Ipad or Iphone

Download the Adobe Reader App for your Android Tablet or Phone

Please make sure you save the downloaded practical applications to your computer or device before entering any data!

Again, we are incredibly grateful that you are going to teach this video series. We pray that the Lord will bless you in every way as you teach teenagers His way of handling money.

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